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Disco Multi-track drums

The Drumdrops catalogue of live disco multi-track drums is presented across three acclaimed albums: Disco Drops, 70s Funk Drums and Fistful of Drummers. Over 30 original disco tracks are now available to preview, purchase and download directly from the Drumdrops website in a number of different formats: disco multi-track drum tracks, drum stems and drum loops.

This top quality collection of fully downloadable, royalty-free disco drum tracks has been recorded in numerous studios around the world including the legendary Hollywood Sound Recorders in Los Angeles and London's Olympic Studios. Performed by some of the genre's most respected drummers and recorded by expert engineers, these great disco beats have been produced using only the very best vintage analogue gear and drum kits: 1970s Neve consoles, vintage microphones and outboard, Studer 2" A80 tape machines, Ludwig and Gretsch kits, a combination of snares by the likes of Slingerland, Rogers and Ludwig.

Explore through these celebrated albums and discover, audition and download anything from Rolling Funky Disco Beats to Scorching Studio 54 Disco Club Classics; Afro Disco Grooves to Miami Disco Heavy Shuffles; or Early 80s Disco Classics to Four to the Floor Sugar Hill Gang Disco Beats. Our tracks have been performed by leading disco drummers such as Nasser Bouzida (Big Boss Band), Jim Kincaid (Brand New Heavies) and produced, tracked and mixed by drum recording maestro Mike Pelanconi.

Most Drumdrops disco tracks are available in three different formats: disco drum multi-tracks that allow you total flexibility and control at your fingertips; drum stems - perfect for getting drums into the mix quickly and easily; and disco drum loops, which you can import straight into your DAW - ideal for the laptop supremo!

Once you have decided on which format you want to download, you can then choose between purchasing our formats on a track by track, or as full albums. Disco Drops focuses solely on the disco genre, whereas 70s Funk and A Fistful of Drummers incorporate elements of funk, soul, rare groove and hip hop into their track listings. There is of course now the innovative 'try before you buy' feature on the Drumdrops site. The introduction of our Audition Player allows customers to upload their own productions and test play them against Drumdrops samples, so you can easily see which beat works best with your tune.

All three albums of Disco Drum Samples have been fully re-mastered, meaning that every recording captures the essence of the performance with sparkling clarity and tape-saturated warmth.

Each Disco drum multitrack contains a Pro Tools session file, an OMF file for exporting into other DAW software, a beat tempo map for syncing up other MIDI gear and all the seperate audio drum parts as 24 bit WAVs. You will have full control on these drum tracks and can balance them as you wish. The Drum Stems contain ready mixed groups of the drums which can be imported into the DAW. Typical stems included are the full mix, the kit, the kick and the snare. All of the audio comes as 24 bit WAVs. We also include a beat tempo map with the drum stems.

The disco drum tracks have won widespread acclaim from many established artists, producers and media across the music industry...

"The most noticeable thing about A Fistful of Drummers is the sound - the vintage analogue approach to recording has resulted in performances that really do sound like they were recorded in the 60s and 70s. The character of the drums is well rounded and lacking the somewhat clinical sound found on many modern recordings." - Sound on Sound magazine review of A Fistful of Drummers.