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Drum Loops

One of Drumdrops specialities is providing very cool and authentic live drum loops. We create great sounding loops every time we record a drum track. On a lot of our old catalogue and all the new catalogue you find drum loop packs. When you browse through our drum tracks or select an album just check to see if the 'L' has been selected in the formats column. If it has, this will mean a drum loops pack has been made from that drum track. You can either purchase the loops on a track by track basis or buy the complete album by clicking on buy album and selecting the loops pack.

For each individual drum track we usually provide somewhere between 5 to 8 different drum loops and they usually come mixed four different ways. The mixes are normally Full Mix, Kick, Kit and Snare. The mixes do vary though from track to track. You can check what each individual loop pack contains by selecting the 'What does my download contain?' button on the info tab or the buy track, pop up window. The drum loops are usually 4 bar loops but they may be longer. We produce as many loops as we can get from each drum track. If you are feeling adventurous you can purchase the drum stems mix pack for that particular track and chop the loops up yourself. All the drum loops come in three different formats - Apple Loops, Rex2 files and WAV files. These are all included in each download. This means the loops are compatible with all the DAW software and because we provide REX2 and WAV files you have great flexibility on how you want to program. All the loops are incredibly good value. Only £ 3.00 per drum track pack or if you buy the full album as a loops pack then we discount the overall price by about 20%.

What makes our drum loops stand out is the process that has gone into making them. These are real drums played by some incredible drummers. We have used nothing but the best equipment to record them on and we spend a lot of time producing these drum loops. First we record the live drum tracks on to 2" tape as multi-tracks using some of the best recording studios in the world. We also make sure they have a great selection of vintage gear. This process will usually takes us two or three days. After this the multi-tracks are mixed. We mix them down to stem packs, creating stems of each group of drums. This takes us four to five days and once again we do this in commercial mixing studios to take advantage of the consoles, gear and monitoring environment. Once this process is done one of our resident Drumdrops engineers gets to work and starts extracting the loops from each track. For an albums worth of tracks this process can usually take a few weeks. We hope that the hard work we put in means you receive some great sounding live authentic drum loops.

Currently our drum loop packs are available in a variety of genres.

Route Seventy Sticks is a selection of 70s pop, rock, country and blues drum loops. The album contains 23 loop packs containing over 550 drum loops.
Indie Rock Drops songwriter series provides a selection of rock and pop drum loops. THe album contains 14 loop packs containing over 425 drum loops.
Temple of Boom provides a great selection of funk and hip hop drum loops. The album contains 22 loop packs containing over 500 drum loops.
Drops In the Bronx Volume 2 is a selection of funk and soul drum loops. The album contains 14 loop packs containing over 450 drum loops.
70s Funk Drops is (you guessed it) funk drum loops. The album contains 33 loop packs containing over 800 drum loops.
Disco Drops is an amazing collection of Disco drum loops. The album contains 19 loop packs containing over 450 drum loops.
Heavy Rock Drops contains 20 explosive Heavy Rock drum loop packs from the 1970s to today. 70 bpm to 189 bpm. Over 120 Drum Loops
Now That's What I Call 80s Drums contains 20 Classic 80s Pop live Drum Loop packs. 71 to 179 BPM. 113 drum loops.
70s New Wave Drops provides 96 drum loops played by Elvis Costello's drummers - Pete Thomas.
In Saturday Night Style Volume 1 consists of 65 early 80s dance hall reggae loops. Available as Apple Loops, WAVs and Rex2.

If you want some of the most authentic sounding around drum loops then Drumdrops is the place to come. All of the these have been recorded on amazing drum kits, using great drummers in some of the best recording studios in the world. Head on over to our drum tracks page and start listening. If you have signed up for the first time then you can use our £ 5.00 startup voucher to download two free drum loops packs.