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1970s Hayman Vibrasonic Kit

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THis Hayman kit is a great representation of a classic British kit built in the 70s. Hayman only existed for about 15 years but they built some great kits in that time, mainly to counter the American kits such as Ludwig and Gretsch that were being imported. The Hayman's were played by drummers such as Michael Giles (King Crimson), Jim Capaldi (Traffic), Bill Bruford (Yes) and Mitch Michell (The Jimi Hendrix Experience) used them from time to time. These kits have a nice vintage tone but with more of a thwack which helped them cut through in the 70s ! 

This kit was recorded at the same time as the Ludwig Super Classic in Miloco's The Square studio in London. The Hayman was played by Tim Weller and recorded by Drumdrops engineer Ben Thackeray. To add to the British flavour of this kit we asked the incredible Stephen Street (Blur, The Smiths, Kaiser Chiefs) to mix it. 

The kit was close mic'd. It comes with three toms, two snares - a Slingerland Radio King and a Ludwig 400. Cymbals used were Zyn 15" Hi Hats, a Tosco thin 20" ride and a Paiste 2002 Medium 18" crash. This is another great kit to fill the gaps.

The Hayman can be purchased in the following different packs.

The Kontakt 5 Pack comes with the Drumdrops Kontakt Instrument for exclusive use in Native Instruments Kontakt version 5. The instrument comes with it's own mixer section giving you control over the individual drum tracks and convolution reverbs that we have included. Each channel has an EQ and Transient Master. You can change the velocity curves of the drums and there is a randomisation feature to add subtle changes to make the drums even more realistic. On top of this we have added a MIDI groove player (with over 1500 MIDI loops) and a step sequencer.

The BFD Pack is a sampler pack that can be loaded into BFD2 or BFD3. The BFD pack contains the same samples that our Kontakt 5 Pack offers, meaning that BFD users can enjoy the same realism and quality that our Kontakt 5 users enjoy. It contains all the articulations that our other packs have and the kit has been recorded in up to 80 velocity steps. You have full control over the microphones that were used to record this kit and once loaded into BFD you can enjoy all the same features that you would expect from any other BFD kit. Once the kit has been recognized by BFD, just simply select your desired kit piece from the list in the same way that you would load any other drum in BFD.

The Multi-Velocity pack  provides up to 16 velocity steps of each articulation. Each sample included in this pack is a stereo mix of the close microphone, overhead and room mics. This pack comes with patches for Battery, Kontakt 5, EXS24 (Logic X), Maschine, Geist, Studio One's Impact Soundset, Ableton Drum Rack, iDrum, Reason Refills, Renoise and the free TX16Wx sampler but the samples can be used in any drum machine or sampler that reads 24 bit WAV files. The multi-velocity pack also includes 830 MIDI drum loops covering a variety of genres. This pack is a great choice for those who want multiple velocity articulations but do not use Kontakt 5.

The Single Hits pack  is similar to the multi-velocity pack but provides three velocities of each articulation. This pack includes patches for Battery 3, Kontakt 5, EXS24 (Logic 9), Maschine, Geist, Studio One's Impact Soundset, Ableton Drum Rack, iDrum, Reason Refills and Renoise but if you run any legacy drum machines such as Akai MPC60s this pack may be ideal as we include 24 bit and 16 bit WAVs. This pack comes loaded with 291 samples. 

The Drum Replacement pack  is our sample replacement pack. This pack comes with three different patches - Slate Trigger V2, Drumagog V5 & V4 and DrumXchanger. Each patch uses different amounts of samples depending on the capability of the software. If you run any of these pieces of software then this pack is for you. For full details on this pack read on here.

The All Samples pack contains the Multi-Velocity Pack, the Singles Hits Pack, the Drum Replacement Pack and the seperate mic samples from the Kontakt 5 Pack. This pack gives you ultimate flexibility, all the patches we create and three different packs of samples. For more on this pack read here.

The One Shot Pack is our latest pack. This one is real simple and is a great way of getting to know the sound of the kit. All we include in this is one sample from each articulation and that is it. No patches or multi-velocities. Great for drum machines and getting to know the sound. If you bought any pack of the Slingerland kit you will receive this pack for free.

Explore more of these pages to learn about the Hayman and to work out which pack is best for you. If you want the sound of a Hayman kit then this is no better place to start. We also used this kit to record some of the tracks on our multi-track album Route Seventy Sticks. (Along with the Ludwig).