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Slingerland Kick with Nadine

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Report Bugs ?

Although we have beta tested this extensively, some bugs may not be found until general release. We will update this page with all known bugs as we find them. If you wish to report a bug please email us at We will repair bugs as we find them but prioritise the more urgent ones. If you have suggestions you wish to make please fee free to email us. Feedback is all good.

Why does the Kontakt interface not load as a Kontakt library?

Third-party Kontakt instruments will only load if they are Kontakt player ready. This is a Native Instruments-only operation, so unfortunately this product will not work as a library, but only via the file tab.

I am using EZ Drummer. The Superior Drummer Map doesn't seem to work.

In short, no not exactly. We've only been able to test it with Superior Drummer so far. You may find that the Superior map is a good starting point for EZ Drummer as well, but you will probably have to edit the map a little for it to work with EZ Drummer completely. We will be adding an EZ Drummer MIDI template in due course.

When I try to load a mixer preset, the browser seems to default to the data folder. Is there a way of going directly to the preset sub-folder instead?

No unfortunately we have to work within the structure that Kontakt allows and unfortunately this is not possible.

Do I receive a DVD of these files when I buy them?

The purchase is a download only price. We appreciate that the files though are quite large and not all of you will have a suitable broadband connection. The Kontakt installer is a large file. If you wish to purchase and buy through the post please contact

Do the packs work in all samplers?

No. The Kontakt pack is designed to work only with the latest version of the full version of Kontakt 5. (It will not load in Kontakt player). The Multi-velocity pack and the single hits packs should load up in any sampler or drum machine that can import 24 bit WAV audio files. We provide templates for the latest versions of EXS24, N.I. Battery, Kontakt, Maschine, Battery, Geist, Ableton, Reason Refills, Studio One Soundsets, and iDrum but more will be added over time.

Does your product work in the free Kontakt 5 Player ?

No. Currently our products will only work in the full Kontakt 5 package. Our product will load up in the player but can only be loaded up at 15 minutes at a time without the ability to save. We will be aiming to sell the kit in packs of three which will be Kontakt player compatible at some point in the future.

Can I re-download a Pack that I have already purchased.

Yes. Once you have purchased a pack, like all Drumdrops purchases, the download link stays valid in your account so you can redownload.

Are these kits 'Royalty Free'

Yes as long as you have proof of ownership these kits can be used to make your next number one. If you do use the kit on any of your tracks let us know so that we can give it a plug. You can also create your own sampler patches. We welcome sharing of the samples patchers but you cannot reshare any of the samples or patches that are sold with the packs.

How can I pay?

Once you have selected your pack you can pay either through paypal or using a valid debit / credit card through paypals credit card facility. You do not have to have a paypal account to use there debit card / credit card facility. The transaction is completely secure. If for any reason you do not wish to use paypal then please contact us and we can discuss an alternative payment method.

How quickly will I receive the download link

As soon as the purchase has gone through and paypal have received the payment you will be redirected back to our website and a valid link to download your purchases will be available immediately.

The Kontakt Pack is asking for a serial number where do I find this ?

As soon as you have purchased the kit we will drop a download link for the kit into your account (under Invoices & Downloads). Underneath the download link will be the serial number. Use this to activate the kit (and thens save it as an authorised NKI master).