Rogers Single Hits Pack Medley


It's all about the sound

Check out some sound demos from this wonderful sounding 60s Rogers Pop Kit.

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  • The Drum Kit - The 60s Rogers Pop Kit

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    Rogers was an American drum company founded in 1849 and based in Covington, Ohio. Extremely well made and versatile drums, they were closely associated with big band and swing drummers and famously used by Buddy Rich and Louis Bellson, but they were also embraced by other genres and used by Al Jackson (Booker T and the MGs) and session great Earl Palmer. From 1964 until 1978, Rogers shells were 5-ply construction of maple wood, with 5-ply reinforcement rings, giving them a solid, full sound and wide tuning range. Many drummers view them as equal to, if not better sounding, than the other great American drum makers of the time Ludwig, Gretsch and Slingerland. It’s really only due to bad luck and poor marketing decisions that they haven’t maintained production to this day.

    The kit we used is a Power Tone from the late 1960s and consists of a 22” kick drum, 13” rack tom and 16” floor tom. The drums were fitted with Remo coated ambassador heads and are tuned moderately high, as they would have been in the 1960s, to give them a little more note. We used a tiny bit of dampening here and there, but not much more than a bit of gaffa tape just to take away some of the ring. We use two beaters on the bass drum, a hard felt and a soft lamb’s wool one. 

    We used two snare drums, a 1960s Ludwig 400 (again!) as it is such a classic -  it is probably the most recorded snare of all time, it seems sensible for it to be the most comprehensively sampled as well. In a different room and with different tunings and mic placements, one gets a different sound from it and it’s useful to hear it in different contexts. An incredibly versatile drum it performs well in any genre and at all tuning ranges from high and cutting to low and fat. Every drummer worth his salt has one of these drums, and you’ll hear why.

    The other snare is also a Ludwig, but older... A 1950s classic Buddy Rich model. This 5.5” deep 3 ply mahogany shell with reinforcing rings sounds warmer than the 400, but still produces a clear and crisp sound. Tuned fairly high as well it nods towards a jazzier tuning and is less abrasive than the meatier metal shelled 400.

    The cymbals we used were 14” Avedis Zildjian hats, a Paiste 602 18” thin crash and a Paiste 602 20” ride. Although strictly speaking these are modern cymbals, the Zildjians are a range designed to rework the old classic sounds, and the 602s are an old range originally manufactured in the late 1950s and 60s and only recently reintroduced. They are wonderfully dynamic and musical cymbals, soft and dark, and as such they sit well in the overall sonic spectrum of the kit.

  • The Articulations Broken Down

    • Kick - Rogers Powertone Kick Drum
    • Dimensions - 22" x 14"
    • Articulations - Hard & Soft beaters
    • Snare 2 - Ludwig Buddy Rich Model
    • Dimensions - 14" x 5.5"
    • Articulations - Centre, Edge, Rimshot, Sidestick
    • Floor Tom - Rogers Powertone Floor Tom
    • Dimensions - 16" x 16"
    • Articulations - Centre
    • Ride - Paiste 602 20" Ride
    • Dimensions - 20"
    • Articulations - Centre and Edge
    • Shaker - Shaker
    • Articulations - Hard and soft
    • Guiro - Guiro
    • Articulations - long and short
    • Snare 1 - Ludwig 400 Snare
    • Dimensions - 14" x 5.5"
    • Articulations - Centre, Edge, Rimshot, Sidestick
    • Rack Tom 1 - Rogers Powertone Rack Tom
    • Dimensions - 13" x 9"
    • Articulations - Centre with sticks
    • Hi Hat - Avedis Zildjian
    • Dimensions - 14"
    • Articulations - Fully Closed to fully open in 6 stages - Bell and edge, Floot pedal shut and open.
    • Crash 1 - Paiste 602 18" Thin Crash
    • Dimensions - 18"
    • Articulations - Centre and Edge
    • Tambourine - Tambourine
    • Articulations - Shake and hit