Rogers Single Hits Pack Medley


It's all about the sound

Check out some sound demos from this wonderful sounding 60s Rogers Pop Kit.

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The Studio Large 2
  • The Recording Studio - Miloco The Bridge Studio

    The Studio small 1

    The Bridge studio in London is a great writing and recording studio. We used this studio to try out the small drum booth and to show what you can do in a smaller studio. The small booth suited the drum sound perfecty. We used some of the great microphones that come with the room and brought in a few more mic pre's.

    The Bridge is a great studio for writing projects. It has a large comfy control room with two overdub booths. Based around an Audient console, Avid HDX with a small selection of mic pre's, compressors and EQs it does the job perfectly. The studio also contains the Rogers kit that we sampled.

    This studio has been used by loads of great artists in the last few years - Adele, Plan B and Tom Odell are just a few.

  • The Recording Equipment

    The Recording Equipment

    The equipment used was minimal. Ben was after a minimal 60s drum sound and used five microphones direct into a combination of Mic Pre’s including a Neve 1073, Chandler TG-2 amongst others. Ben used one direct snare mic, a kick mic (about a foot away), two overhead kit mics – a combination of an AKG D19 and a Neumann M149 and finally a Coles 4033 off from the Floor Tom.

  • The Microphones

    Kick - AKG D12

    The mic to go for if you’re after a vintage kick drum sound along with the D25. The D12 has a nice warm low end and not too much added mid range or top end. This was placed a meter away from the center of the snare drum, directly in line with the center of the kick drum.

    Snare – Electrovoice DS35

    This is an interesting and pleasing choice for the only close mic on the whole kit. It’s a dynamic mic and so handles sound pressure levels well and adds great overall tone to the sound of the snare. This mic was placed just an inch above the snare head, at the side of the drum, aimed at the center.

    Kit 1 – AKG D19

    This mic was reportedly used to record Ringo’s kit during some of the Beatles recordings and so it seemed a like a good place to start with the mics around the kit. I wanted to have a mixture of dynamic, ribbon and condenser mics around the kit, that would blend together nicely, but would also work well on their own if needed. The D19 was placed above the snare and rack tom, a meter from the center of the snare.

    Kit 2- Coles 4033

    This particular Coles mic has amazing warmth to it that other mics just don’t have. There isn’t much in the top end to it but used in the right way it’s an amazing sounding microphone. It gives a great warmth and low-end to the overall kit sound and you could use it almost as a floor tom mic if you wanted. This ribbon mic was placed slightly behind the kit near the floor tom, at the same level as the top head of the floor tom, a meter away from the center of the snare.

    Kit 3 – Neumann M149

    I wanted to have another mic above the kit that would work with the D19 but sound completely different and the M149 did just the job. It’s a much more detailed-sounding mic than the D19 and you get a really great overall sound to the kit. It also gives the cymbals a nice top end. This mic was placed over the ride and floor tom, a meter from the center of the snare.

  • The Spec Breakdown

    PositionMicrophoneMic Pre / Outboard
    Kick Mic AKG D12 Neve 1073
    Snare Mic Electrovoice DS35 Chandler TG-2
    Kit Mic 1 AKG D19 Chandler TG-2
    Kit Mic 2 Coles 4033 Ribbon Tubetech MEC-1A
    Kit Mic 3 Neumann M149 API 7600