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60s Rogers Pop Kit Videos

Head on over to the Drumdrops You tube channel to see all of our latest videos about how we go about recording and sampling the kits. It takes us six months to sample up, edit and build the packs for each kit. Check out the videos to see the love that goes into the process of sampling. We sampled this kit while recording the Swinging 60s Pop Drops Volume 1 drum tracks album which are available to purchase as multi-tracks, stems & Loops. The two videos here focus on the drum track recording session and the sampling session. Learn about the kit and how we mic'd it up to get the 60s sound.

  • Sampling the 60s Rogers Pop Kit

    Drummer Jonathan Atkinson and engineer Ben Thackeray discuss recording and sampling this 60s Pop Kit. Learn more about the kit, the gear used and the studio.

  • The Making of Swinging 60s Pop Drops

    TIm Weller and Ben Thackeray describe the recording of the drum tracks for Swinging 60s Pop Drops. 17 pop drum tracks influenced from the 60s, recorded on a 60s Rogers Kit in a tight drum room using minimal mics.