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Video Bronze Snare

Mapex Heavy Rock Kit Videos

Head on over to the Drumdrops You tube channel to see all of our latest videos about how we go about recording and sampling the kits. It takes us six months to sample up, edit and build out Kontakt interface for each kit. Check out the videos to see the love that goes into the process of sampling.

  • Jason Bowld discusses recording the Mapex kit for Heavy Rock Drops

    The Mapex Heavy Rock Kit was recorded at the now closed Garden Studios in Shoreditch, London. In this video Jason Bowld and Ginge discusses recording it the multi-track album Heavy Rock Drops and a bit about recording the samples. The album was recorded during the same session where we sampled up the kit. 

    You can check out Heavy Rock Drops here.

  • A walk through guide of the Mapex Kontakt 5 interface

    Dan Taliras from gives us a walk through of the new Drumdrops Kontakt interface for the Mapex Heavy Rock Kit. Learn about all the features that are included in this pack including several new features - Mic Blend, MIDI Grooves, a Step Sequencer and Groove Slice.