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Rogers Big R Dub Kit Videos

Head on over to the Drumdrops You tube channel to see all of our latest videos about how we go about recording and sampling the kits. You can also view the Rogers Big R kit videos below.

  • Introducing the Rogers Big R Dub Kit - Kontakt 5 Pack coming soon

    A teaser video introducing the Rogers Big R Dub Kit - coming soon our Kontakt 5 pack. Out now the Multi-Velocity and Single Hits Packs.

  • A Guide to Rogers Dub Kit Kontakt 5 Interface available in our Kontakt 5 Pack

    Watch our walk through guide showing the best features of the Rogers Big R Dub Kit Kontakt Interface which is included in the Kontakt 5 pack available shortly on the Drumdrops site. The guide has been put together by Dan Taliras from

    The Kontakt interface has been developed by the Drumdrops team and Channel Robot and is designed to work exclusively in Native Instruments Kontakt 5 Software. Watch the guide which describes many of the features on the interface and you will soon see why it is the only dub kit you need in your Kontakt 5 library.

  • Mike Pelanconi & Horseman discuss sampling the Rogers Big R Dub Kit.

    Mike Pelanconi & Horseman at the Drumdrops HQ discuss the process involved in recording Single Hits on the Rogers Big R Dub Kit.

  • reviews the Rogers Maschine pack reviews our Rogers Big R Dub Kit Maschine pack. This pack is included in our Multi-velocity pack but you can also find a three velocity version in the Single Hits pack.