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The Sample Packs

For each kit we record we are now providing a variety of sample packs so that there is probably something for everyone and whatever sample software you use we may have a pack for you.

kontakt pack header

This pack is our most advanced available and includes the Drumdrops Kontakt Instrument. It’s designed to work exclusively in the latest full version of Kontakt 5 and features a Drumdrops developed instrument that comes with multiple features. There are now two versions of the Kontakt Instrument with version 2 only being available from the Vintage Folk Rock Kit onwards. The Kontakt instrument may vary from kit to kit. To check what features each kit has, check the Kontakt pack page that is specific to that kit. 

The latest version 2 of the Drumdrops instrument comes with:-

  • A mixer page with faders, mute, solo’s and two aux sends.
  • A MIDI Groove player
  • Mic Mix feature for balancing the close mics with the overhead and room mics.
  • Multiple convolution reverbs and studio impulses and two delays per channel.
  • A 4 band EQ, Compressor, Shape Control and Tape Control on each channel.
  • A stereo compressor, limiter, EQ and new Crush section on the mix buss.
  • Ability to route each channel to the DAW.
  • Multiple mix presets included mixed by leading engineers and producers.
  • The ability to change the velocity curve on each drum (great for V-drums).
  • Ability to change the tuning of each drums.
  • Where kits include more than one snare the instrument can easily swap between them.
  • Randomise feature for changing the tuning, velocity, EQ and timing for added realism.
  • Between 5000 and 20000 samples per kit including multiple round robins for extra authenticity.
  • A full version and lite version for use on laptops.
  • Multiple MIDI maps included adding full compatability with the Roland TD-12, TD-20 and TD-30 V-drums and Yamaha DTX-900.
  • MIDI CC section for controlling the MIDI CC data to fine tune how it works with any e-kit.

In this pack you can have control over the separate close mics, Overheads and Room mics. Also each separate articulation has been recorded in multiple velocity steps and work on a round-robin basis meaning that you never hear the same sample twice in a row that gives a super realistic sound. On average each kontakt pack contains 7000 samples although the Gretsch has as many as 17,000.

This pack is optimized to work with V-Drums and the Yamaha DTX-900, so if you own a V-Kit and are looking for some new sounds then this is definitely the pack for you. However any E-kit owner should be able to fine tune it to their kit with our new MIDI CC section. Likewise if you’re a producer, songwriter, programmer or sound engineer that uses the full version of Kontakt 5 and are looking for natural realistic drum sounds without spending a fortune on a studio drum session then look no further.

multi pack header

The multi-velocity pack will work in most software samplers or Drum Machines that read 24 bit 44.1 kHz WAVs. All the samples are stereo samples (unless specified) mixed from a balance of the close, overhead and room mics for each articulation. To make life easier we have included patches for the latest versions of the following software:-

  • Kontakt
  • Battery
  • EXS24 (Logic 9 and Logic X)
  • Maschine
  • Geist
  • Ableton’s Drum Rack
  • Studio One’s Impact
  • Reason Refills
  • Renoise
  • TX16Wx free sampler
  • iDrum

Templates have been included for better integration with MIDI files that may have been created using different drum compatible software packages. Please note that these MIDI templates are a starting point only and may need adjusting to fit any previous recorded MIDI files. The samples have been recorded in sixteen velocity steps but do not include any round robin samples.

We now include over 500 MIDI Loops covering a variety of genres with each multi-velocity pack. The Loops are mapped to the default MIDI map.

This pack is ideal for anybody who uses the software listed above and who wants an immediately great-sounding kit with lots of velocities.

single pack header

This single hits pack is very similar to the multi-velocity packs except it has far less samples, not quite as many patches included and does not come with any MIDI Loops. We include all the same articulations but there are only three velocities of each articulation included. The samples come as 24 bit WAVs, but we also include 16 bit versions of the WAVs for any drum machines (such as old MPC's ) that don’t support 24 bit WAVs. The patches included are:

  • Kontakt
  • Battery
  • EXS24 (Logic 9 only)
  • Maschine
  • Geist
  • Ableton’s Drum Rack
  • Studio One’s Impact
  • Reason Refills
  • Renoise
  • iDrum

This pack will suit customers who don’t need the added realism of multiple velocities and are happy with a loud, medium and soft sample for each articulation.

replace pack header

This pack is ideal for those who use either Slate Trigger V2, Drumagog V5 or V4 or DrumXchanger. All three of these drum replacement software packages are supported. Each pack uses different samples depending on what the software supports.

The Slate Trigger patch is created using the close, overhead and room mic samples. There are samples for the Kick drum, snare and toms. You can choose to trigger any of the samples. The samples include multiple velocity levels and multiple round robins.

The Drumagog patch utilises the same samples as the Slate Trigger template and included multiple velocities and round robins. The template included samples for the Kick, snare, toms and hi-hat and if your version of Drumagog contains the Auto hi-hat tracking feature then the samples will follow the opening and closing of the hi-hat.

The DrumXchanger patch contains stereo mixed samples from our Multiple-Velocity pack. There are multiple velocity levels but no round robins in this pack. The snare samples also includes one rimshot sample that has its own adjustable trigger threshold.

all samples pack header

This pack contains the Multi-Velocity Pack, The Singles Hits Pack, The Drum Replacement Pack and as a bonus you get a large quantity of seperate mic samples from the Kontakt 5 pack. (Please note this pack does not include the Drumdrops Kontakt Instrument which only comes with the Kontakt Packs). 

We include three sets of samples in this pack. The separate close, overhead and room mic samples from the Kontakt 5 pack which come with 16 velocities and 3 round robins and the mixed stereo samples from the Multi-Velocity pack and Single hits packs which are balanced from all the mics. These WAVs all come as 24 bit WAVs, although the Single Hits Pack also comes with 16 bit WAV samples for legacy drum machines such as the MPC60.

You also receive all the software patches that come with the Multi-Velocity Pack, Single Hits Pack and Drum Replacement Pack. Currently these patches have been made for the latest versions of Kontakt, Battery, EXS24, Studio One's Impact, Ableton Drum Racks, Reason Refills, iDrum, Geist, Maschine, Renoise, TX16Wx, Slate Trigger, Drumagog and DrumXchanger.

This pack will suit customers who either want to build their own software patches using the samples provided or those who want all the samples we provide for this kit along with the many included software patches.

BFD pack header

The BFD pack is a new pack from Drumdrops and is compatible with BFD2 and BFD3. Most packs are also compatible with BFD Eco (but check the individual kit packs to check). Each kit will have to be authorised with a serial number provided when you purchase the kit and then the kits will load up natively in BFD2, BFD3 or BFD Eco like any other BFD kit. This pack uses almost the same number of samples as the Kontakt packs we build offering up to 80 velocity levels for each articulation. Once the kit is loaded in BFD you can select your desired drum kit piece as expected.