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It's all about the sound...

Check out the sound of Yamaha Hybrid Kit and see how versatile it is. Mixed by UK grammy award winning engineer Matt Lawrence

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Drum Kit Large
  • The Drum Kit - The Yamaha Hybrid Kit

    Yamaha Drum kit small

    This example is available in Miloco’s The Pool and consists of factory issue sizes and is fitted with Pre International Remo Coated Ambassador heads. The kit works well at different tuning pitches, but its big size makes it suitable for deeper rock-orientated numbers.

    This Yamaha Hybrid kit comprises a 24" bass drum, a wonderfully deep 18" floor tom and a 14" rack tom. The snare is a Ludwig 402 14" x 6.5". The cymbals used were a Zildjian Dark 13" Hi-Hats, a Zildjian Constantinople 22" Medium Ride and two Zildjian Crashes - an 18" Constantinople Medium Light Crash and a huge 20" Zildjian Oriental Crash Of Doom. The kit has a black finish.

    Most of Yamaha’s drums are manufactured at two different locations in Asia. Their factory in Osaka produces their high-end professional drums as well as all of their marching percussion. The research and development of new products also takes place there. Marketing is managed from the Yamaha Corp. headquarters in Hamamatsu. The factory in China produced the entry-level GigMaker kit and the intermediate-kit Stage Custom Birch. Their factory in Indonesia produces the Tour Custom and the newly introduced Rock Tour series drums. The Indonesian factory uses the same machinery and techniques in their drum shells and all of the craftsmen working there are trained by Japanese craftsmen from the Osaka site. The only difference between these two plants is that the Osaka plant uses the more exclusive woods (maple, birch and oak)

  • The Articulations Broken Down

    • Kick - Yamaha Kick Drum
    • Dimensions - 24"
    • Articulations - Felt and Plastic Beater
    • Multisampling - Up to 16 velocity layers with 6 round robin samples
    • Floor Tom - Yamaha Floor Tom
    • Dimensions - 18"
    • Articulations - Centre
    • Multisampling - 16 velocity layers with 6 round robin samples
    • Hi Hat - Zildjian Dark Hi Hats
    • Dimensions - 13"
    • Articulations - Fully Shut to fully open in 6 stages - centre and edge, Floot splashes.
    • Multisampling - 12 Velocity layers with 6 round robin samples
    • Crashes - Zildjian Constantinople Medium Light Crash and Zildjian Oriental Crash Of Doom
    • Dimensions - 18" & 20"
    • Articulations - Centre and Edge
    • Multisampling - 10 Velocity layers with 6 round robin samples
    • Snare - Ludwig 402
    • Dimensions - 14" x 6.5"
    • Articulations - Dampened and Un-Dampened - Centre, Edge, Rim and Cross-stick
    • Multisampling - 16 velocity layers with 6 round robin samples
    • Rack Tom - Yamaha Rack Tom
    • Dimensions - 12" x 8"
    • Articulations - Centre
    • Multisampling - 16 Velocity layers with 6 round robin samples
    • Ride - Zildjian Constantinople Medium Ride
    • Dimensions - 22"
    • Articulations - Centre, Edge and Bell
    • Multisampling - 10 Velocity Layers with 6 round robin samples
    • All Drums were fitted with Pre International Coated Ambassador Remo heads