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Funk Multi-track Drums

With around 120 fully downloadable and royalty-free samples of live funk multi-track drums, spread across a number of internationally acclaimed albums, Drumdrops is the first place to come to find top quality funky drum grooves.

Drumdrops customers can now buy funk beats direct from the website on a track-by-track basis, or purchase the full albums which they are featured on, which are:

70s Funk Drops
A Fistful of Drummers
Goody Goody Drumdrops volume 1
Temple of Boom
Drops in the Bronx volumes 2.

With the addition of the innovative Audition Player you can now 'try before you buy'; a terrific new feature that allows you to upload your own productions to test play alongside our beats to see which tracks work best for your tunes.

The funk drum sample albums we have produced offer a variety of different formats between them. Some releases simply offer funk multi-track drum tracks, allowing the user total flexibility and control at their finger-tips. Open up a room mic and throw in some compression, drop some low-end theory on a kick drum or fatten up that Slingerland snare. Other albums in the funk beat catalogue offer more than just drum multi-tracks; users can also purchase funk drum loops and funk drum stems, which are great for getting drums into the mix quickly and easily.

Our collection of funk tracks has been recorded and mixed by expert funk drum recording engineers and producers, and performed by a handful of the most sought-after drummers in the genre, amongst them Nasser Bouzida (from the cult Blow Up recording stable), Jim 'the Lick' Kelly and Jan Kincaid (Brand New Heavies). The albums have been recorded in studios around the world, including London's legendary Olympic Studios, the Drumdrops HQ in Brighton and Los Angeles' now defunct Hollywood Sound Recorders, where legendary funk bands Parliament and Funkadelic recorded at their 1970s peak. Vintage Ludwig and Gretsch kits have been captured and mixed on 1970s Neve consoles, Studer 2" A80 tape machines, vintage microphones and classic outboard equipment. This vintage analogue approach to recording has succeeded in fully capturing the sound of the era which inspired these fantastic funk drum tracks, and now that the material has been fully re-mastered, the performances are presented with sparkling clarity.

Browse through these widely praised albums to see what each has to offer in terms of funk beat greatness. You have:

70s Funk Drops, offering anything from Classic James Brown funk grooves with tight hats and syncopated snares to dirty New Orleans funk breaks with short fills and hand percussion;

A Fistful of Drummers, specialising in lazy Afro beats and bouncy JBs style grooves;

Goody Goody Drumdrops volume 1, with its fast and funky spy film beats and west coast funk grooves;

Temple of Boom, where you can find Classic block party funk beats and Hypnotic trip-hop grooves; and lastly

Drops in the Bronx volumes 2. providing Sugar Hill Gang funk beats and early 80s soul grooves, amongst many others.

Each funk drum multitrack contains a Pro Tools session file, an OMF file for exporting into other DAW software, a beat tempo map for syncing up other MIDI gear and all the seperate drum parts as 24 bit WAVs. You will have full control on these drum tracks and can balance them as you wish.

"If you like old school beats with the old school sound then this is for you. I think Fistful of Drummers is kicking. All the loops have a very warm phat sound. There are lots of new covers of old classic beats... a must for any collection." - Keith La Blanc (legendary Sugar Hill Gang drummer).