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Hip Hop Drum Loops

Drumdrops is a great resource for royalty free drum loops of any genre. One genre that we have a good selection of is hip hop drum loops. We have about 20-30 individual live hip hop drum tracks spread across a number of our albums. Each drum track contains between 6 or 8 hip hop drum loops. These loops are packed in four different mixes - full mix, kit mix, kick drum and snare drum (although this may vary from track to track). These drumdrops hip hop drum tracks can be found mainly on the following releases:-

70s Funk Drops - 33 Funk & Hip Hop drum tracks containing over 800 funk & hip hop drum loops recorded at the now defunct Hollywood Sound Recorders

Temple Of Boom - 22 Hip Hop drum tracks containing over 500 hip hop drum loops recorded at Hollywood Sound Recorders and Funky Junk's Neve Studio in London.

What makes these hip hop drum loops so authentic is that they are 100% live and have been recorded by drummers such as Keith le Blanc. To enhance the sound we have recorded all of these drum tracks on to 2" analogue tape and used variety of the best vintage consoles and gear. On top of this we have made sure the drum kits are tuned to perfection and we have picked some great live rooms to record in.

The hip hop drum loops can be downloaded in a single zip file on a track by track basis. When expanded you will find enclosed as many drum loops that we think we can make from each drum track (on average about seven per track). They will either be two bar or four bar loops and will be mixed as full kit, full mix, kick and snare. All of the drum loops then arrive in three different formats. Apple loops for Garageband and Logic Pro, Rex 2 files and 24 bit 44.1khz WAVs which are compatible with most samplers and DAW.

If you purchase Temple of Boom as an album you get to purchase all of the drum loops in one go. These drum loops include classic block party funk beats, P-funk grooves, heavy west coast hip-hop grooves, old skool hip-hop beats, funky swinging rim shot beats, east coast hip hop grooves, hypnotic trip hop, swinging funk and many more.

So if you are looking for the best sounding live hip-hop drum loops then look no further.