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Multi-track Drums

Multi-track drums are the Drumdrops speciality. Over the past ten years we have been focusing on recording incredible drummers on a variety of great drum kits in some of the best recording studios around the world. We have now recorded over 400 drum tracks across a number of musical genres for songwriters, artists, producers and engineers to use and enjoy.

Multitrack drums is the process where each individual drum is recorded onto a separate audio track. This means that when you purchase our products in this format, you can mix them to get your perfect balance. All of our drum tracks have been recorded on to 2" analogue tape, which adds a lovely warm edge, and usually with 16 track headblocks giving an even better bottom end response.

When mic'ing up kits we usually separate the drums out into kick, snare, hi-hat, toms, overheads and room mics but these will vary from kit to kit depending on the sound we are trying to achieve. The number of microphones we use can vary; if we are after a 60s sound we may only use 3 or 4, but usually we record the kits with a full compliment of mics giving you full sounding kits that you can then manipulate in the mix.

On one of our recent recordings we mic'd up the kit with 19 microphones - that is some sample pack!

We always try to use vintage microphones where possible, however there are definitely some more modern microphones, 'usual suspects', that keep appearing:

  • Coles 4038's get used as overheads
  • We use AKG D12's on the kick drums
  • Yamaha NS-10 speaker mics
  • Neumann U87's are commonly used
  • If we are lucky enough to be in a studio which has some great valve mics we always experiment with them
  • Neumann U67's are a favourite mic.

Another important component of our drum multitracks is the gear that we use to record them. Where possible we find studios with vintage gear. A lot of our tracks have been recorded through Neve Consoles but we have also used API's and an old BBC 1970's consoe. Sometimes we will use racks of outboard mic pre's. We try to avoid using compression and EQ when we record to tape, instead focusing on getting a great natural sound that can be tweaked later.

We try and list all the microphones and gear we use on each drum track so that our customers can get a feel for how they are recorded.

The next stage is for us to make sure that the drum recording room we use sounds fantastic. If you want good-sounding multi track drums you need to use a great drum room. The studios do not always have to be huge spaces (like Abbey Road Studio 2, for example). There are some very capable drum rooms around which are a lot smaller. At Drumdrops, we are more interested in recording drums in a variety of acoustic environments so that you can capture a great range of drum sounds. We have used studios such as Olympic, The Pool, The Ironworks Drumdrops HQ in Brighton, as well as international studios such as Tuff Gong in Jamaica. All of these rooms add their own signature sound to the drum tracks.

Last but certainly not least are the pros involved in the production of our tracks; the drummers and engineers. We always try to find top-class drummers who specialise in all sorts of musical genres, and experienced engineers working day-in-day-out in commercial studios with a wealth of knowledge in mic'ing up drum kits. All of these factors mean that Drumdrops multi-track drums sound as good, if not better than any others in the business.

We have created more than 400 drum tracks with different feels, tempos and across all sorts of genres meaning that there is something for everyone to use. All Drumdrops drum tracks are available to download as multitrack drums. Visit our drum tracks download page and start browsing the products. You can listen to a minute of each drum track as a low quality MP3, view the info on how it was recorded and then just select the tracks you want to buy. Simple as that!