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Reason Drum Samples

Reason drum samples can be found in our multi-velocity and single hits packs that we produce. There are two different Refill Packs to choose from, a Combinator pack that features the NN-XT sampler and various effects for you to play around with and a Reason Redrum pack. The Multi Velocity Pack contains up to sixteen velocity steps per drum while the Single Hits pack contains up to three velocity steps. The packs also contain all the patches that you need for the Samplers, Drum Machines and the Combinator itself, and also all of the same high quality 44.1 kHz 24-Bit WAV file Reason drum samples.

Reason Drum Samples Combinator 2 Refill

The Redrum Refill Pack contains a patch for the Redrum Drum Machine that comes with Reason. The Redrum Drum Machine contains 10 channels with 10 different sounds for you to choose from. You easily can load your own samples into each channel but we've saved you the bother with our Redrum Refill packs.

Reason Drum Samples Redrum Refill

To load any of the Refill packs simply double click on one of the Refill files. This will load Reason for you if it's not already been loaded up. Then choose which ever patch it is that you want to load from the pop-up window and open it. The patch will load in Reason in whatever device the patch is associated with.

Head over to the Drumdrops Samples page to find the kits that have Reason drum samples available. All of the Multi-Velocity and Single Hits Packs contain the Reason Refill Packs.