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70s Funk Drops

70s Funk Drops

70s Funk Drops is a blast from the past, featuring 100% pimpin', low rider 70s Funk beats. This album contains 34 drum tracks ranging from 67-126 bpm., recorded in LA at the now defunct Hollywood Sound Recorders where Parliament and Funkadelic recorded at the height of their 70s greatness. Featuring P-Funk jams, low rider party beats, classic JBs funk, hypnotic afro funk and moody slow jams.

70s Funk Drops was captured and mixed on a 1970s Neve console using a Studer A80 2" analogue tape machine, vintage microphones and outboard gear. Vintage Ludwig and Gretsch kits were recorded with old taped up drum skins and vintage Zildjian 15" hats.

70s Funk Drops drum tracks are available to purchase on a track by track basis as live drum multi-tracks, drum stems or drum Loops. Or if you want the whole collection you can choose to buy the 70s Funk Drops album in any format.

Each Drum multi-track comes with a Pro Tools session file, OMF file for importing into other DAW such as logic, a tempo map for syncing up the MIDI gear and all the separated drum audio tracks as 24 bit WAVs. The drum stems include the full mix, a kit mix, kick & snare and a tempo map. The Drum Loops come in three seperate formats - Apple Loops, Rex2 files and WAVs.

Whichever format you choose to purchase in, 70s Funk Drops contains plenty of funk drum tracks to choose from.


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Title Description Genre
FD 79 70SFUNK 01
Slow southern soul beat with snare and tom fills, ride cymbal and hi hat variations. laid back 1/8th note HH, BD mostly on 1 and 3, Sd backbeat. I Cant Stand The Rain kind of feel. Cymbal intro with toms. Breakdown with cymbals and toms Funk 79 M S L P Info Save Favourite
FD 77 70SFUNK 01
Dirty southern style funky break beat with rolling snare and conga.loose SD backbeat, laidback1/16th note HH, syncopated open BD sound and congas. Funk 77 M S L P Info Save Favourite
FD 67 70SFUNK 01
Slow dirty New Orleans funk beat with stops, breakdowns and pick SD fill and ride cymbal Funk 67 M S L P Info Save Favourite

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