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Tony Allen's Afro Drops

Tony Allen's Afro Drops

Afro Drops is the first sample pack to be released anywhere from the legendary Tony Allen. Tony is renowned for providing the drum parts to the Afrobeat genre created by Fela Kuti. With this sample album we bring you twenty three drum tracks of Afrobeat magic. The rhythms are complex but sound effortless. All of the tracks are about five minutes long and contain plenty of intricate fills and grooves played expertly by Tony. Most of the tracks come with percussion. Ranging in tempo from 82 bpm to 164 there are Afrobeat grooves spanning Tony’s 50 year career including a few grooves inspired by tracks he produced with Damon Albarn.

Tony Allen revolutionised the musical landscape of an entire continent influencing the course of Western pop music. Born in Lagos in 1940 Tony never took up traditional African percussion. Listening to the recordings of the great American bebop drummers Art Blakey and Max Roach, he invented a technique that he gradually refined by honing his command of the cymbals, in particular the hi-hat, little used by African drummers – and the tom-toms. When he met up with Fela Kuti in the 1960s they collaborated first in the renowned highlife-jazz band, Koola Lobitos before setting the world on fire with Kuti’s Afrobeat.

Recorded on Tony’s trusty Pearl Masters Premium Studio kit with a Pearl Masters snare and a Tony Allen custom snare and close mic’d, the kit is the sound of Tony Allen. All the drum tracks change through different musical sections offering a range of dynamics and fills...all ready for you to use as is, or to easily edit into your own arrangement.

Tony Allen’s Afrodrops was recorded at Studio 13 in London. A studio where Tony has frequently recorded. It is a Neve VR studio with a good sized live room that provides a great tight drum sound. The drum tracks were recorded and mixed by engineer Stephen Sedgwick who has worked with Tony many times on projects including The Good The Bad The Queen, Rocket Juice and the Moon and Dr Dee.

All twenty three tracks can be purchased individually as multi-tracks (unmixed), stems (mixed), drum loop packs or MP3 practice tracks. The Multi-tracks which are around 2 gig each in size come as full length live multi-tracks and song construction loops. These packs include a tempo map and OMF file to export into other DAW. We also provide templates for Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Reason, Reaper, Studio One and Ableton Live and the audio comes as 24 Bit WAVs. The Multi-track Song Loops are locked to the beat and cut into song structures such as Intro, groove, groove fills and Outro.

The Stems and mix packs which have all the separate drum mics, percussion and reverb as separate stems come as full length 24 bit WAVs and these also come with a tempo map. The Stem and Mix packs also include the song construction loops (but mixed versions).

The loop packs contain a folder of grooves and a folder of fills. We have included as many useful loops that we can get from each drum track. The loops come formatted as 24 bit WAVs, Apple Loops (24 bit and 16 bit) and Rex 2 Files.

The MP3 Practice Tracks contain a mix of of each drum track with and without percussion and they come with a count in which makes them perfect for jamming to.

Each drum track can be purchased individually or if you buy the album (in any format) you get 20% off the complete price.

Check out our interview with Tony here. and listen to engineer Steve Sedgwick discussing the recording and mixing of these drum tracks here.


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Title Description Genre
Fast version of funky Afrobeat Groove with the snare hitting the first beat of the bar with occasional fills, conga percussion and straight shaker. Reminiscent of “Alagbon Close” by Fela Kuti. Afrobeat 110 M S L P Info Save Favourite
Unusual groove with simple intro, followed by a busy tom, snare and sidestick pattern, alternating tom patterns and conga percussion. Reminiscent of “Follow-Fashion” by Rocket Juice & The Moon. Afrobeat 108 M S L P Info Save Favourite
Fast rolling funky Afrobeat break with tight snare sound, occasional fills and simple electronic conga, real conga and electronic shaker percussion. Reminiscent of “Opposite People” by Fela Kuti. Afrobeat 105 M S L P Info Save Favourite
Straight Afrobeat groove with hi-hat and building ride cymbal sections. Reminiscent of “Koko Dance” by Tony Allen. Afrobeat 102 M S L P Info Save Favourite
Slow version of light funky groove with a rolling snare pattern and occasional fills, syncopated wood block and percussive hand-drum and rolling conga pattern. Reminiscent of “Lady” by Fela Kuti. Afrobeat 100 M S L P Info Save Favourite
Slow version of funky Afrobeat Groove with the snare hitting the first beat of the bar with occasional fills, conga percussion, straight shaker and Wurlitzer drum machine. Reminiscent of “Alagbon Close” by Fela Kuti Afrobeat 100 M S L P Info Save Favourite
Laid back Afrobeat groove with funky snare pattern, tom fills, swinging hi-hat, alternating ride sections and conga percussion. Reminiscent of “Celebrate” by Tony Allen. Afrobeat 98 M S L P Info Save Favourite
Slower Afrobeat groove with double snare hit on the first beat of the bar, swinging hi-hat, occasional tom fills, syncopated hand-drum, loose conga and wood block. Reminiscent of “Secret Agent” by Tony Allen. Afrobeat 95 M S L P Info Save Favourite
Slow and loose jazzy hip-hop groove with accented snares, occasional tom fills and pulsing conga percussion. An original Tony Allen composition. Afrobeat 90 M S L P Info Save Favourite
Laid-back groove with rolling snare pattern with straight hi-hat, tom breakdown section, outro ride section and congas. Reminiscent of “Go back” by Tony Allen. Afrobeat 90 M S L P Info Save Favourite

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