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Reviews: Future Music

1963 Premier Outfit 54 kit (9/10)

Drum Drops has long been established as a provider of fine drum samples, but the 1963 Premier Outfit 54 Kit charts a new course for the company, as it's the first to use a custom-designed Kontakt GUI. The result provides new levels of flexibility: faders for each drum, tuning controls, velocity curve options and EQ and Send Level controls from each drum source - sumptuous. The kit itself belongs to Ben Hillier of Depeche Mode production fame and has been recorded exhastivley,with the sample count for the library running to nearly 2.5GB. From deep, impactful kicks to rich, woody snares and sparkling cymbals, this is a kit that will fit into pop and rock productions effortlessly. However, Drum Drops aren't looking to alienate their existing user-base, so the package is also available via Single Hit (£5) and Multi-Velocity bundles (£10) for Battery and Logic's EXS24 sampler, as well as drum maps for a much wider range of hosts.