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Ska Multi-track Drums

Taken from the acclaimed Drumdrops in Ska album, our collection of high-standard, professionally recorded ska multi-track drums and drum stems has allowed us to further bolster the range of genres we specialise in providing our customers. Like all of our drum tracks, we work hard using only the best analogue equipment and drummers in the game to ensure that ours are the very best quality live ska drum beats you can find on the web.

Drumdrops in Ska features 14 ska drum tracks available to preview, purchase and download as ska multi-track drums or drum stems packs. Performed by leading UK reggae drummer, Horseman (Reggae Regulars, the Ruff Cut Band, Max Romeo, Little Roy, Big Youth, Prince Fatty), famed for his hard-hitting and fearsomely accurate playing style, and recorded by Mike Pelanconi at the Drumdrops HQ, the album is packed full of ska beat variety inspired by the classic Duke Reid and Studio One Skatalites era, and with numerous other influences from the many ska revivals, for example the popular British Mod Scene. Played on a vintage Rogers kit with a Ludwig snare, they were recorded on an Ampex MM1200 16 track 2" tape machine using classic vintage mic-pre's for a warm, natural tape saturation.

You'll find up-tempo party beats, dark suspense ska, driving jump up beats, laid back up-tempo vibes, mod ska beats, carnival style ska steppers and slow-steady ska beats, between them ranging from 117 to 132 bpm. You will be given full control or the ska drum multi-tracks, which are packed to the brim with a variety of classic ska sounds: hard snares, rim shots, open hats, rolling fills, timbale, tambourine, stream train cambassa, vocal style cambassa, and spy movie guiro.

All tracks off Drumdrops in Ska are available to purchase and download in two formats: Ska Multi-track drums and drum stems. If you buy the multi-tracks, you will give yourself supreme flexibility for bespoke productions: open up a room microphone, drop some low-end theory on a kick or fatten up that snare - you'll have total control at your fingertips. If however, you are looking to get the drums as quickly into the mix as possible then choosing the drum stems is the ideal option as these have been pre-mixed. Like all of our content, tracks from Drumdrops in Ska are available to download track-by-track or as a full album. You can also now try 'before you buy' thanks to the addition of the innovative Audition Player, which allows customers to upload their own productions and play them alongside Drumdrops tracks to see what works best.

Each ska drum multitrack contains a Pro Tools session file, an OMF file for exporting into other DAW software, a beat tempo map for syncing up other MIDI gear and all the seperate drum parts as 24 bit WAVs. You will have full control on these drum tracks and can balance them as you wish.

"Absolutely the best new tool out there for creating loops, grooves and full length live drum tracks. Drumdrops makes it simple with every component accessible on individual audio tracks so you're not tied to someone else's mix. This looks set to revolutionise the way we make music at home, on the move, in the studio. Surely the dawn of a new standard for computer based beat manipulation." – Dough Wimbish (Sugar Hill Gang, Living Colour).