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Studio One Drum Samples and Soundsets

Studio One drum samples can be found in Drumdrops multi-velocity and single hits packs. You will find that there are presets for Studio One's Impact drum machine included. A Soundset is basically a package that contains data for use in Presonus' Studio One DAW, in this case some presets for Impact and their related Impact drum samples.

Once installed you will that there are eight presets included for Impact that provide different MIDI maps for better compatibility with some of the more popular types of drum software. The different MIDI maps included are:

Addictive Drums
DrumIt Five
General MIDI
Superior Drummer

If you have any existing MIDI files that already work with some or all of these drum plug-ins and software, then just load up the template that corresponds to the software that you use. For example, if you have some MIDI patterns that work with XLN’s Addictive Drums software in your DAW, then you would want to load the Addictive Drums preset for Drum Rack that is included in the Studio One Soundset. The Impact drum samples remain the same for whatever template you might choose to use. If you are programming from scratch then it doesn't really matter what template you choose to load unless you are thinking about using the same MIDI file to trigger other versions of drum software further down the line. If this is not the case then using our default MIDI map preset is fine. Please note that these map templates are a starting point only and may not work completely 100% accurately with whatever kit you have selected in whatever software package you are using, but we have worked hard to ensure that they are as compatible as possible.

To install the Soundset into Studio One, just double-click on the Soundset file that come supplied in your Drumdrops sample pack. The Soundset will then appear in the Sounds window of the main Studio One window. Find the preset that you want to load in Impact in the Sounds window and then drag that preset over to the left-hand side of the main Studio One window to launch the preset in Impact. The preset will also contain all the Impact drum samples related to the preset. You will also find that Impact drum samples can be dragged from the Studio One Impact Soundset into a new version of Impact, easily allowing you to create your own templates if you like.

Studio One Drum Samples and Soundsets

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