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Using Multiple Outputs in Kontakt 5

This is a guide to using Kontakt 5 with multiple outputs so that you can print all your Drumdrops kits into audio in one go, while keeping the drums on separate channels. This is also a useful technique if you want to process your separate channels, using other plug-ins/fx than the ones that Drumdrops provide within the Drumdrops interface itself. The guide only applies to Kontakt when used within a DAW. Certain aspects of this process are different according to which DAW you are using. In places you may have to consult your DAW manual for further help.

The first step is of course, to instantiate Kontakt on a channel in your chosen DAW. If your DAW allows you, choose a version with multiple outputs when first instantiating Kontakt otherwise you may not be able to route your mixer channels out of the multiple outputs that Kontakt provides. The next step is to load your Drumdrops kit into Kontakt 5. Once the kit is loaded, you will see the tab that allows you to route that channel out of another output, just underneath the fader, but above the channel name.

The next step is to open Kontakts outputs page but highlighting the output button at the top of the Kontakt page. Once the output window is open, you are ready to start configuring your set up. This will be different from kit to kit but essentially you want to end up with the correct number of mono and stereo channels to record your kit without missing any channels. If you are unsure about how many mono and stereo channels you need, just select stereo for all of them. To set up your outputs, click on the Add Channels button in Kontakts output section. A menu will open. In the first box, type in how many outputs you need in total and then type in the next box down how many channels you would like this batch of outputs to have, 1 for mono or 2 for stereo. So for example if you wanted to create 16 stereo channels, you would put 16 in the first box and 2 in the second box.

In the soundcard menu below that, select the first item that appears and then check the box that says "Ascending output assignment" as you want each of your outputs to be in ascending order. There is a box below that reads "Delete existing channels before creating new ones". Checking this box will destroy the current configuration when your new configuration is built so make sure that this is checked the first time that you build new outputs in this way. If you want to add some more outputs to your newly created configuration, then make sure that this box is unchecked the next time. Check the final box in this page if you want Kontakt to have this newly created output configuration as its default configuration. Hit ok and you will see that Kontakt has created the outputs for you in the output page.

At this point you can rename your newly created outputs. Just click on the current name and type your new name at the top of the output channel. Once you've finished this step you're almost ready to start outputting your drum channels in the mixer page of the Drumdrops interface. But first you must reset Kontakt so that it knows that you have changed the configuration of the outputs. You can do this quite easily by clicking on the exclamation mark icon in the top right-hand corner of Kontakt.

Once Kontakt has been reset, you are ready to output the channels as you wish. Just assign each channel to whichever output you would like to send it to, using the output tab that we mentioned before, below the fader of each channel, in the mixer page. To find out how then to route the outputs of Kontakt, to audio channels in your DAW you may need to consult your DAW manual. Pro Tools has aux inputs from Kontakt that appear in the input selector of each audio channel. Logic allows you to spread out the multiple output channels on which Kontakt 5 has been instantiated, into separate channels that you can then route through the Logic buses. Each DAW will be different according to how that particular DAW deals with its routing.